Monday, 22 June 2009

SNMPv3 in CiscoWorks

A brief article on how I've got SNMPv3 working in older versions of CiscoWorks. This follows on from the SNMPv3 intro.

Ciscoworks only allows you to associate a single SNMP user account with each device. The same SNMP user account is used to poll the device and receive traps.

The new version of Device Fault Manager apparently has full SNMPv3 support. The older ones don't seem to, but they support polling devices with AuthPriv and you can use AuthNoPriv to send SNMPv3 traps to CiscoWorks.

So to get CiscoWorks to talk with an IOS device using SNMPv3 you need:
  • An AuthPriv account for SNMP polling.
  • That account configured in CiscoWorks in the devices properties.
  • Traps configured to use the same SNMP username, but with AuthNoPriv.

This may seem a bit unusual, defining an SNMPv3 user with a privacy key and then defining the same user without the key but it seems to work. The configuration I use is:

snmp-server group <group> v3 priv
snmp-server user <user> <group> v3 auth sha MYPASSWORD priv des PRIVPASS
snmp-server host <ip> traps version 3 auth <user>

With this configuration, you need to supply the encrypted password when polling the device, however when the device sends traps doesn't encrypt the packet contents (AuthNoPriv).

This article comes with a large dose of YMMV, it works on the version of CiscoWorks I've tested it with, it may not work on yours.

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