Thursday, 12 May 2016

Automated Install for OpenStack Kilo on Ubuntu Server

I've been messing around with OpenStack lately, there is the excellent Devstack system for building test deployments but I wanted something to survive a reboot which meant needing a full OpenStack. There's some great docs on OpenStacks website for installing Kilo on Ubuntu 14.04.

To automate things I've scripted the process above with a few tweaks, available on github:

It's meant for installing on a single host and playing around with, there's no telemetry or orchestration module and it just uses the basic legacy nova networking.

How to use it!

  • Download and install the Ubuntu Server 14.04 (Trusty) image. It won't work on any other version! You don't need to specify any software components during the install, although SSH server might be handy.
  • Download the script from
  • Edit the script ("nano") and set the variables at the top, they have descriptive comments explaining what needs doing.
  • Run "chmod +x" to make it executable.
  • Run the script as root. "sudo su -" and then "./"
  • Reboot at the end of the install and you should have a working OpenStack Kilo build.

If you want to rebuild then you're probably best off re-installing Ubuntu server and starting from scratch.

There are a few niggles with the original build process such as getting error 500 denied messages when trying to perform various operations, resolved by changing Keystone not to use memcached. Also had some issues with Qemu due to not having the nova-compute-qemu package installed and the /etc/nova/nova.conf not quite right, needed for deploying Openstack in something like Virtualbox without KVM support. This script should sort those problems out.